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December is almost gone

Posted on December 19, 2010 at 7:43 PM
Well it's getting closer to Christmas everyday, hope everyone's ready for next weekend.  We are going to be busy the last weeks of the year and looks like the first month of the New year.
I am going to start explaining some of the terms and methods used in our business to help people gain a better understanding of how things are done.
This week I will explain Underbrushing.  When you do underbrushing, it is the removal of all small trees bushes and brush usually up to about 6" or customer requirements. 
Underbrushing is generally done with a small or large dozer or excavator.  When done properly, this entry level clearing can help the property owner to pick out areas for future pasture areas by allowing access to  previously unreachable property.  This area can now be used for livestock pasture and/or hay being  that sunlight reaches the ground and allows for grasses to grow.
The small trees and brush removed is generally piled up as free of dirt as possible to allow for burning or haul off depending on what's allowed or desired by the customer. 
There are alternative methods to underbrushing such as hydro-axing with a skid steer with a mulching head attachment.  While this method is usually quicker and leaves no piles to burn or dispose of, you do have the chips that take a few years to rot, and you still have the stumps from every tree or bush that was mulched to contend with if not done properly. I do not offer this method among my services. I have seen this done over the years and while from a distance it looks great, in my personal opinion upon close-up inspection leaves alot to be desired.
Thanks to all my customers these past two years, I hope to meet and make alot of new friends in 2011.
Brian Beke

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