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December, Lime stabilizing

Posted on December 6, 2011 at 2:44 AM
Well I wanted to discuss some types of stabilizing today.
We are doing a three acre lay down yard for JC Inspections in Porter and will be doing stabilizing late this week and into next week in preparation for eight inches of crushed concrete.
There are many types of stabilizing materials Lime, fly ash, carbide, these can be  either in dry form or a slurry depending on your desired method of application or needs.  once this is determined you can use a mixer much like a overgrown garden tiller to mix the lime in with the soil to the needed depth and compact for the 24 to 48 hour cure time then perform the mixing again for the final time compacting and then allowing the desired finish grade to be achieved for your project. this is just a small amount of information on this subject.  There are numerous articles and web sites that can be used for more in depth information.
Now for the weekend do it yourselfer you can use simple tools and materials from your local hardware store to achieve soil stabilization for your small home and ranch projects.  If you have a road or drive way that never firms up and just eats your gravel or rock, you can use a farm tractor with a rotary tiller and  calcified lime or Portland cement spread over the affected area and tilled in and the tractor can be used to pack the area back down afterwards allowing you to regrade and re rock or pave your drive way or road.
These products typically come in 100lb bags and one bag will generally cover about 100sq ft 4 to 6 inches deep. If you use portland cement make sure the grade you set is the grade you want, after all it is cement and will set up as so. You will want to wear some type of dust mask and a long sleeve shirt and pants these products can and will cause irritaion on the skin and or eyes or airways and are not good for your health.  Please use sound judgement when using these products. 

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